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Beyond Social Media - Introducing AMP Stories

Mobile devices have become the most popular devices that younger generations use to get their news. The decrease of attention spans and rising popularity of social media, introduced a new snacking pattern of mobile content or widely known as the Story format. 

First introduced by Snapchat, the Story format is now available on Instagram, TikTok,  Facebook, Skype, and even Twitter. Their attractiveness is growing by the hour, where Instagram reported that 500 million people use Instagram Stories every day in 2020. This format is not only booming on Instagram, but in every social media platform that we use nowadays. 

Storytelling is powerful, and brands and influencers are using this story to engage with their users. According to Niel Patel, at least 100,500 digital words are consumed by the average U.S. citizen in one day, while 92% of consumers want to view and read ads that feel like stories.

So, what is missing? 

  1. SEO

The stories and posts you produce on social media are only for your followers on social media. For example, if you post on Instagram, your profile will be indexed on the web, but search engines aren't allowed to index your photos.So, when people search for a service they need on Google, they are probably missing to find some content that you are sharing. 

  1. Closed Ecosystem

A lot of businesses today are creating social pages, because it is easier to create a page on Facebook, than it is to code a web page. However, all those profiles become closed within the ecosystem of the social media platform you create the page in. 

You are maybe losing so many users that are asking for your service outside social media.

  1. Reusability

What you post a story on social media, it is only for social media. Some pages like EmbedSocial are providing a way to reuse your story content. However, the whole process of reusing the same content on your web page can be a challenging and time consuming task for you.

There should be a way to produce content once and redistribute it on all web and social media channels. 

  1. Ads reach

By conforming to a specific social media platform, you are conforming to their user base. Imagine if you have the ability to promote your content openly on the whole wide web.

Introducing AMP Stories

The AMP Story format is the web equivalent for the social media story. It looks similar, but it is indexed on the internet, loaded as a web page, with various types of content integration. 

“If you don’t take the time to understand or use AMP stories, you’re missing out.” - Neil Patel

With this format, you can provide content accessible to your customers everywhere, you can reach more people, enjoy the storytelling options and boost your SEO. Now, your users will be able to find you everywhere. 

The only trick is, these web stories are HTML pages, and to create them you need to have basic coding knowledge. 

But don’t worry! We can help you with that. We’ve built Ampstor, so you don’t have to worry about that. Ampstor is helping business to reach their goals online, by providing them a no-code solution for creating AMP Stories. 

Now, you can create your web stories, as easy as creating an Instagram story. 

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